Now that everything is built, painted, plumbed and prettied, it’s time to plant! I referenced my trusty idea tool (aka Pinterest) for greenhouse inspiration. And then I found the perfect hanging herb garden on Etsy from a Facebook ad. Riddle me that.

Etsy dealio

Click here to buy this from the awesome seller that gave me the idea.

Anywho…so instead of buying that one, I went shopping at Home Depot to make one! In my defense, it was actually cheaper to make and I needed it a bit larger anyways. I already had some rope from a previous project and then bought two rough cut cedar fence boards ($3 each) and twelve 4 inch terracotta pots ($1 each).

Then I measured out circles to cut for each pot and used a thingymasaw to cut the openings. Jim’s circle drill thingy wasn’t cutting it (ha! So punny!) so we just used that to make a template to follow.


Not perfect (I’m not selling these things) but it’ll work!

Then it was just a matter of drilling holes for the ropes on each end and in the middle. The hardest part was knotting the rope at the correct length to get the boards even. We hung up an old curtain rod that Jim has wanted to throw away since we moved and hung it up.


I might shorten up the ropes or add a third row later but for now it’ll do. Let there be herbs!

Every square inch

The greenhouse is a good size but the overall footprint isn’t ginormous…about 12 foot by 7 foot. But the ceiling is so high that I planned on using every vertical square inch as possible. I found these cool aqua shelf brackets when buying all my succulents for the awesome chandelier. Then we bought a bunch of 1×2 rough cut cedar boards and a 2×2 to use as the supports and assembled it in place after mounting the brackets. Easy peasy. And fairly cheap except for the fancy brackets.

Ta da!

This will be the perfect spot for starters and small pots. The starters are already happy.

Let’s put it to bed

We don’t have a garden set up outside (yet) but I’m still itching to grow some veggies. So while on a(nother) shopping trip to The Depot, we happened across some raised garden bed kits. They were exactly what I wanted Jim to build. And the perfect size. And mostly done. So, of course, we bought two.

They definitely cost more than the materials would have but we were done putting them together in like an hour. So worth the extra cost.

Raised boxes

We added casters to the bottom (my brilliant idea) so they can be moved around easily when needed. Because these things are heavy when filled up with soil! And soon lots of plants!

Every square inch

I’ve been wanting to plant strawberries but have never had a good crop growing them outside. They always get eaten by something before they are ripe for the picking. The greenhouse is the perfect solution. I just needed the perfect hanging planters! So….guess what we did? You’ll never guess…ok I’m sure you already did. Shopping!

There weren’t too many options but we settled on a three foot cedar window planter. Pretty affordable and easy to add hanging hardware to. The hope is that the strawberries will spill over the sides and not sit on the dirt. We will see! If it’s a fail, I’ll just plant some flowers.

The best accessory

Meet Willow. She’s my greenhouse buddy.

About a year ago (just before Covid hit) we lost our 5 year old girl pup Shadow. It was unexpected and we still don’t know why she got so sick. But we were devastated. Archer especially. He definitely missed his sister. So last summer we welcomed Willow home. Her and Archer are best buds and she loves hanging out with mom in the greenhouse.

We’ll see if she changes her tune when we’re done with her dog wash next door…stay tuned!

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