So many plans

When we built the house, I had so many plans that we needed to finish up because 1) our builders basically gave us no options and 2) if we did ever want something “different” the materials were limited and costs were probably 3x what we’d normally pay. So when we planned out the kitchen, we left a spot for open shelves on either side of the windows.


The cabinet maker would have supplied some but the cost was silly and the only option would have been plain white. I wanted to bring in a touch of wood into the space and (of course) SHIPLAP!

Proper shiplapping takes time…that’s our story

Maybe a year into living in the new house, we finally got around to hanging the rest of the shiplap boards leftover from the fireplace. We stopped the boards at the top of the cabinets where we needed to cut around the crown molding. I’m going to say that at this point we just wanted to live a while with it and make sure that’s what we wanted. Uh huh. Yep. Totally.

Fast forward to not too long ago…we FINALLY got our sh*t together and finished hanging up the rest of the shiplap. Maybe since we didn’t get to go on our Hawaii vacation and were forced to stay home…that could have played a part. Anywho…it was done. And I was able to get it all painted with the leftover paint from the garage (more coming on that soon).

shiplap is awesome

Now onto the shelves…oh wait! I ordered those probably 7 months ago from Wayfair! They’ve been sitting in their boxes since in my living room. I did open one up to make sure they looked good. What I liked most about these was that they were REAL wood, the brackets were matte black AND they were super affordable. SOO much cheaper than the plain white floating shelves would have cost from the kitchen cabinet place. I bought three sets for a total of six shelves for under $300. I’m guessing the builders would have charged us probably $2k for this setup.

So close!

I mean, let’s face it…we aren’t the fastest at completing projects. And I do tend to get overzealous on starting the next one before the last is finished…but, what normal person doesn’t? This time, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I wanted to make sure we got there. And by “we” I always mean Jim, with my encouragement and tool holding.

After lots of measuring and a trip to the local hardware store, we decided we had to use wall anchors as the studs were all over the place. And I decided that butting the shelves up to the cabinets made the most sense. All of these decisions probably took longer than the actual hanging, but we eventually got them all up!

gorgeous shelves

And close ups…because…


The next day I noticed that Jim had started decorating…it made me giggle.

decorate the shelves

Now to buy things to actually put on the shelves that the puppies won’t knock over…

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