When we were putting the electrical into the greenhouse, my husband asked me if I wanted a hanging light. Um…yeah. But I don’t need electrical for it. I have another idea…

Upcycling at its best

So I looked for free or cheap chandeliers in the area and finally found someone willing to donate to my cause. It wasn’t quite the shape I wanted but I’m sure it could work. I mean, it was free. I just needed to pretty it up a bit.

Ew chandelier

Queue the black spray paint! Because that makes everything better. I took everything apart first and got rid of the electrical parts. Then painted all the things! Jim brought home a bunch of free black spray paint from work…so far the project cost me nada.

I finally found the glass bowls that I wanted to use at the Dollar Tree along with rocks to fill the bottom of the bowls. Cost tally = $9 (+tax). We gorilla glued down the bowls and let that dry up.

Dollar store score

Now the most important part…plant shopping! I picked out a centerpiece for each piece and then a few smaller fillers. And some other project things…of course.


And everything all together now!

All together now

Hanging out at home

And now she’s home! In her happy place.

Happy home

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