Happy Anniversaries!

Holy wow! Soooo many anniversaries this week. Three years ago, we said goodbye to the life we made, our family and friends, and the house we had spent so many years in. We ventured into the unknown with nobody at the other end but each other. But so far, so good! Jim moved into a union job and is doing really well there. I finally decided it was time to move full time at work (next month) and have been able to tap into my marketing background more lately.

We are finally settled. Settled into our forever home for two years…another anniversary! And we’ve done a lot in two years:

Outside things

  1. Added a deck off the dining room
  2. Added a flower bed and walkway in the front
  3. Put down as much weed barrier wherever possible (omg have I mentioned the weeds?)
  4. Created steps and gravel walkways around the front and side of the house
  5. Planted as many things as possible
  6. Planned out the rest of the yard landscaping…which I’d need to win the lotto to get someone else to do it. Sigh.Yard plans

Garage things…almost all the things

  1. Framed the bathroom, closets, and walls
  2. Ran electrical
  3. Set the tub
  4. Installed plumbing and water heater
  5. Installed heating and air conditioning
  6. Ran cable
  7. Drywall and texture
  8. Painted (and repainted Mason’s closet)
  9. Tiled the bathroom
  10. Set the vanity and toilet
  11. Admired how awesome the bathroom is
    Awesome bathroom
  12. Tiled the backsplash since the awesome vanity didn’t come with one Tiles
  13. Installed kitchen cabinets and countertops
  14. Flooring…we went with a luxury vinyl (best stuff ever)
  15. Carpeted the stairs
  16. Probably more things…oh yeah, closet shelves! And a door to the garage!

We are getting close! More to come on the guest space (I promise to post more).


Happy Archerversay! During all of the work…we’ve survived two years with Archer. Who is still a baby…a 100 pound baby.

Archer baby

But he’s no longer the baby of the family. We grew by two more 6 months ago…and these puppies are even more cray. Meet the boys: Smokey and Bandit.


They deserve their own post! So stay tuned!

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