So…maybe (cough) a year ago, I started planning out my sewing room. This included the purchase of a cute new rug (more to come on that later) as well as sourcing the materials for my new sewing desk. It needed to be big enough for both of my machines – I was sick of having to move them back and forth when I wanted to use one or the other. So, I fell in love with this 8 foot long herringbone butcher block counter top at Lowes and waited for a 10% off coupon to snatch one up!

And then I scored a deal on some unfinished table legs on the marketplace for $40. They even threw in some used, painted table legs for frees! Don’t worry, I already have another project in mind for those.

One Year Later (Don’t Judge)

Over this year, I had time to plan how to attach the legs to the table. Everything I had read about was complicated or clunky and I really wanted this sewing table to be streamlined. I bought (and returned) various fastening things and then finally found these black metal “4xx4 Wood Post Plate Connectors” for under $20 for 4 on Amazon. They seemed like they’d work perfectly for what I needed. Finally, we picked up screws to secure everything from…the home away from home!

Putting it all together

Now that my new sewing room was starting to come together, it was time to put together my sewing desk. I started off with staining my naked, good deal legs with the leftover Ebony stain we had from our house build (used on the front door and railings). This is the same stain that I used on the cabinet drawers so I figured it would match. Well, woods apparently take stain very differently so it ended up way too dark/black for my liking. So I found another can of stain that was laying around (honestly, I have no idea what project that was from) and added another coat which warmed and brightened up the wood. I added a coat of clear poly and they were good to go!

We mounted the black metal plates to the legs first and then positioned them at the corners of the butcher block table and it was DONE! Fastest project ever and no extra trips needed to the depot!

Isn’t it just coming together nicely? (Do you spy the rug?)

Look at all of the room for the machines. It’s like I have enough room even to get a cover-stitch machine too…cough…birthday in September…cough…

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