It’s defininitely been a long year anticipating the completion of the house. We set up our trail came to take a picture every day. I had plans to do this awesome post with a super cool video showing the progression. Then last month, Jim’s computer died. Along with our once a day photos. Cry. I waited hoping it would magically fix itself. Didn’t. Cry. So now I give you my backup attempt. Not as cool. But there are kid appearances.

Backup Video

There are still a handful of things to finish and fix but we’re getting ready to move in next week – exactly a year since we made the move to Washington.

Stay tuned for room by room tours and more project posts!

6 thoughts on “From the Ground Up

  1. Hi Laura! I found you through pinterest when searching for Wildmere Cottage photos. The house is exactly what we are looking for for our dream home but the plan needs tweaking. I just read through your whole blog and loved it.
    Also giggled that you moved to WA. We are your neighbors to the north in Bellingham. šŸ™‚ Doing a similar thing. We bought 5 acres last year and are living in a small mobile till we build our home. I hope you’re enjoying your new life up here. Please keep posting more updates. I’ve loved everything you’ve written so far.

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I definitely have more posts coming…we’ve moved in and life is chaos right now but I am planning some final pics soon!

      I do have lots of pics and videos on my Facebook page: and will post new blogs there as well if you want to follow.

      Good luck on your adventure! It’s a wild ride!

      1. Oh fantastic! Thanks, I definitely liked your page. I love visuals, yay for photos. If you want to check out our process, I’m only on Instagram right now. My handle is @yellowbrickfarm. We will eventually have a website when we start the building process but for now, I just post there. We’ve got chickens and goats along with our family animals. Thanks for responding and look forward to reading more.

  2. Hi Laura, Iā€™m new to your site, but love your house! Do you have a post or pictures of the actual floor plan so I could see the full layout?

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