August 17, 2015

Washington Land Owners!

Well we officially own 5 acres of land in Southern Washington. And a well, septic tank and mobile home. We closed on the land the middle of last week and now I cannot WAIT to go meet our new adventure. Three more weeks and we’ll go pick up the keys and check it all out. Don’t let me forget to pack the Claritin for Jim.

And now the why…

We’ve gotten asked quite a bit, “Why are you moving from pretty California up to the cold northwest?”. Well I recently saw this video on Facebook and it just about summed up a pretty big reason why. Growing up, we used to ride our bikes around the neighborhood, go to a friend’s house when we felt like it, walk to and from school on our own. Sure there was probably a good chance of one of those things going terribly wrong, but it seems to be the rage these days with so many more people packed into little teenie spaces.

We’re going to be moving to a town of about 15,000 people with a much slower pace, less traffic, and more community. We’re going to have lots of land to play on, chickens to tend to (oh yes!) and lots of outdoor adventures to be had. Sure there will still be electronics, but my hope is that they will no longer be dominated by mindless Youtube videos and replaced ┬áthis with videos on how to build a tree house with a zip line. And a bridge – we need a bridge.

There is no right or wrong way to raise kids as long as there is lots of love and attention. So please don’t take this as a judgement at all on your own parenting style. This is purely a judgement on my own parenting and how we’re making changes to better our family. And, at the end of the day, who can say if this is the right decision. Time will tell!

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