We’ve done a lot of remodeling over the years. In our condo, we started small by tiling the entryway as well as building in a china cabinet for extra storage space. The house we basically remodeled everything over the years…a little at a time. But never have we started from scratch. This is an entirely new ballgame.

Budget? What budget?

Apparently I have expensive taste. Our first visit to the flooring company was great. I got to look at all the pretty things and pretend that we could afford them all. Like this gorgeous backsplash tile.

Hexi backsplash beauty

Isnt that pretty? I think so too. Alas, my kitchen won’t see it. It’s $35 a sheet. And apparently a butt ton of work to install. Bye bye bueautiful hexi.

We also picked out two types of flooring: a yummy engineered hardwood with grey tones and a newer product that I heard about from a coworker. It’s called luxury vinyl and installs like laminate. But it’s sooo not laminate (I’m still scarred from the water filter incident). Like laminate, they print a wood pattern onto the material. But what’s different is that it’s 3-D printed so that there’s an actual wood grain texture on the plank. And, unlike laminate, it’s completely waterproof, scratchproof, dogproof, and carries a lifetime warranty. Pretty nifty. We found one that matched the hardwood in the hopes of just using it upstairs and the mudroom (and the hope to save the budget).

We also picked out bathroom tile for the master and boys bathrooms and quartz for the kitchen and bathroom counters. Phew! We were there for quite a few hours and left excited.

And then the estimate came. Whoops. No bueno.

After shopping around a bit we found a luxury vinyl that we both really liked.

Coretc Montrose Oak:


It’s definitely lighter than I thought I’d like but really looks much more like wood than any other one we looked at. Here’s a photo from their website.


By using this throughout the whole house, replacing my expensive backsplash with plain subway tile and a few other tweaks (and they came down on their costs) we were back in the realm of reality and just a hair over budget.

Rub a dub dub…getting a soaker tub

Oh yes. A soaker tub with a view.

Soaker tub



But I’m not the most excited about the soaker tub. What I’m obsessed with at this very moment is black. Matte black faucets. In the kitchen! With my huuuuuge farmhouse apron sink.

Kitchen Faucet


And in the bathroom….wall mounted….black matte (our contractor thinks I’m insane).

Wall mount black faucet

Can you see the vision yet? I’m so excited. Oh and we’re totally under budget on the plumbing fixtures. Win!

2 thoughts on “More Decisions Decisions…

  1. Hella into that matte black. Hellla.

    And lowes has a similar hexi tile that has the variations of marble for $11/sheet. Just saying.

    1. They won’t install something that they don’t provide. I’m tempted to just do it ourselves afterwards but we have sooooo much else to do on the property….fence…landscaping….chicken coupe…greenhouse!! Want to send your dad over for a weekend? 😉

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